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Challenging the Norm

Welcome! As a medical writer and editor, I have the opportunity to learn and research science and medical topics daily. I enjoy my work but my greatest love is my family. I am a proud wife and mother. Nothing brings me more joy than spending time with my family. One of the ways that we enjoy as a family is dancing and singing worship music. There is always music playing in our home. We also enjoy going to church. As a mother, it has been an honor to share the love of Jesus Christ with my children. There is no greater joy than when your child accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. These days, so much emphasis is placed on monetary gain but none of that matters in the long run.  Eternal gain is what we should all be striving for daily. I will discuss topics like this among other things on my website such as Christianity, marriage, motherhood, and entrepreneurship. I hope that you find this website to be filled with advice and resources that you can use and implement for joyful and abundant living. No matter where you are in life at this point remember Jesus Christ loves you. Our Heavenly Father sent His son, Jesus, not to condemn the world but to save the world. Accept Him into your life today.

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Helping people has always been my goal. I enjoy talking to people but more importantly listening. Listening is a vital part of communication that is often neglected. This deep desire to help people lead me on a path to medical school. Along the way, I graduated with a master's in Biomedical Science and a master's in Public Health.  These degrees gave me the knowledge and skills to deepen my understanding of people and how to help them on their journey towards better health. While on my path to medical school, I fell in love with medical writing. It was nothing I thought it would be but everything I need it to be. I did not intend to pursue this path but I am elated to be here.


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